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Coworking Warszawa - Biurko Open Space
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Perfect for freelancers, startups, people working remotely, and others searching an flexible working place.

Package includes

Reception, own keys (24/7 access), WiFi, ChillOut-Kitchen Area, Conference room, coffee, tea, xero/printer/scanner.

Prices and access

We offer flexible pricing packages. Details below, Scroll down and see what suits you most.

try a week

Call us or mail us and get more information..

695 767 595

Mon.- Fri. 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Packages and Prices 

Our Coworking Space was created so that everyone had his/her own sense of individuality.


Desk Packages

  • 8 days/month. (2 days/week.) 
    320,– zł/month
  • 12 days/month. (3 days/week.)
    420,– zł/month (+2 h. of Conference Room)
  • 16 days/month. (4 days/week.)
    480,– zł/month (+3 h of Conference Room)
  • whole month (24h/7 days) 
    650,– zł/mc Your own Desk (+4 h of Conference Room)
  • 1 day flexible (no contract/package)
    50,– zł

*prices above are all net prices

The Price includes:

  • WiFi – no limit
  • co-using of photocopier/scanner/printer machine – limit of prints and copies
  • Access to the ChillOut / Kitchen Area – no limit
  • Coffee and Tea– no limit
  • no deposit fee
  • 1- month period of notice

Call us or mail us to find out more.

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Nemezis Nemezis
Nemezis Nemezis
4. Kwiecień, 2023.
Świetny kontakt. Sala konferencyjna w pełni przygotowana. Z pewnością skorzystamy nie jeden raz.
Boguś Łyczba Jr.
Boguś Łyczba Jr.
2. Kwiecień, 2023.
Very friendly hosts who take care of the atmosphere of collaboration. Open-minded conversations are highly appreciated.
Emilia Piotrowicz
Emilia Piotrowicz
9. Luty, 2023.
Przyjemne, ciche i kameralne miejsce - idealne dla programistów. Polecam! :)
Jacek Skrzypek
Jacek Skrzypek
1. Grudzień, 2022.
Świetna lokalizacja, przyjemna atmosfera, czysto, ładnie - polecam!
Antek Tujek
Antek Tujek
10. Wrzesień, 2022.
Plus za obsługę
Ivan Ch
Ivan Ch
14. Lipiec, 2022.
Great place to work, always quiet, greatly located. Coworking with an amazing team and everything you need for productive work. The best coworking experience I've ever had. Highly recommend it.
Alexander S
Alexander S
22. Czerwiec, 2022.
Fantastic Studio is a great place. Nice and quiet location, good public transport connection, affordable price, great owners - what else do you need? :) Highly recommend it.
Ernest Krzemieniewski
Ernest Krzemieniewski
30. Maj, 2022.
Ciche i elastyczne miejsce. Internet na dobrym poziomie.
Kasia Badurek
Kasia Badurek
20. Maj, 2022.
Bardzo dobra lokalizacja gabinetu. Współpraca z recepcją bez problemu. Samaczna kawa🙂

Pl. Hallera 5, lok. 14a, 03-464 Warszawa Praga-Północ
(Entrence from Hallera Squere, Ground Floor)

695 767 595

Reception:  Mon. - Fri. 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM | 24/7 Access

Coworking – What it is and how it works?

Coworking is an idea that came to Poland from the United States. The main principle of this idea can be summarized in the phrase “Together and yet separately”. Coworking is a space where people who want to work individually for their success work in one Space. On the other hand, by working in a shared environment, it is inevitable that a community will eventually form. After all, as we know, we are social beings who need to belong to a larger whole. If you are interested in the details of what coworking is, please read the following story on our blog..

Fantastic Studio is a place that is supposed to fulfill this role. Our coworking is located in a large city – Warsaw. However, we are on the right side of the Vistula, which is a great advantage of this place.

Firstly, because we are far from downtown noise, which allows our coworkers to work in peace. Secondly, if you want to get to the center quickly, our location also makes it possible. We are located at pl. Haller, which, together with the nearby (approx. 10 minutes on foot or 2 stops by tram) Wileński Railway Station, is one of the capital’s communication hubs. There are both a bus terminus, a taxi rank (both on Hallera Square) and the final station of the second (extended) line of the Warsaw metro. Both points can also be conveniently reached by tram. As a result, we are a combination of peace and quiet characteristic of the outskirts of the city, with excellent access to the other side of the Vistula.

When it comes to coworking itself, we make every effort to make Fantastic Studio a place created for people by people. The point is that everyone, both the Fantastic Studio team and the coworkers working there, create the atmosphere of this place. We try to fit as well as possible into the definition of coworking, enabling our coworkers to work in peace on the one hand, and on the other hand, to some extent patronize this diverse but creative community.

In our opinion, this is positively influenced by the recently launched initiative. We organize meetings of our community (about one per quarter), where we give coworkers the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas. To be honest the exchange takes place regardless of the meetings.

Because one of the assumptions of coworking is to create an atmosphere that will allow you to creatively solve the problems you encounter. Due to the fact that it gathers specialists from various fields, such as: IT, graphics, marketing or landscape architecture, it is a field for the exchange of experiences on various topics related to the broadly understood business activity. In this way, joint ventures can also be born.

Another plus is that we also have a nice Conference Room, which if needed can be accessed by our Coworkers.

Therefore, working in coworking not only in Warsaw develops your business and broadens your perspective on a specific issue (we all learn from each other). And this is great in this model. You can come, meet new fantastic people, who do various interesting things. At the same time, you have the opportunity to develop your business in peace. If you would like to see what it is like – come to us for a trial week (it’s free).

We’ll show you the ropes and answer all pending questions.


Team Fantastic Studio