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Coworking Warszawa - Mikro-Biuro / Pokuj
For Whom

Ideal for freelancers, startups, people working remotely, and others in need of their own place in Coworking

Package includes

Reception, own keys (24/7 access), WiFi, ChillOut-Kitchen Area, Conference room, coffee, tea, xero/printer/scanner.

Prices and access

Micro-office prices depend on how big is the office you want. Details below. Scroll down and see which of the offices suits you the most.

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Call us or mail us and get more information.

695 767 595

Mon.- Fri. 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Rent your own office in the Coworking Space.

We separated the area of 270 sqm into larger and smaller offices (from 7 to 30 sqm), which can be freely arranged.
You choose..

[Micro] Offices for 2 people (approx.. 7m²),
from 1 250,–zł. net / month

[Micro] Offices for 2/3 people (approx.  8-9m²),
from  1 425,–zł net / month

[Micro] Office for 2/3 people (approx.  11m²),
1 550,–zł net / month

[Micro] Office for 4/5 people (approx. 20m²),
2 200,–zł net/ month

[Micro] Office for 5/6 people (approx. 30m²),
3 300,–zł net/month.

The Price includes:

  • Your own keys – 24/7 access
  • Basically furnished office – desks, office chairs, bookshelfs
  • ChillOut – Kitchen Area – (approx. 23 sqm) – no limit
  • 6 h of conference room per month 
  • Coffee and Tea – no limit
  • WiFi or Ethernet Cable Connection – no limit
  • Ability to register the Company under our Address – 50 PLN net/ month
  • Co-using of Photocopier/printer/scanner
  • Media ( Electricity, Water, Heating)
  • Cleaning
  • no deposit fee
  • 1-month period of notice

Call us or mail us to find out more.


695 767 595

Mon- Fri. 9:00 - 17:00


Read our Customers opinions

36 opinii na
Nemezis Nemezis
Nemezis Nemezis
4. Kwiecień, 2023.
Świetny kontakt. Sala konferencyjna w pełni przygotowana. Z pewnością skorzystamy nie jeden raz.
Boguś Łyczba Jr.
Boguś Łyczba Jr.
2. Kwiecień, 2023.
Very friendly hosts who take care of the atmosphere of collaboration. Open-minded conversations are highly appreciated.
Emilia Piotrowicz
Emilia Piotrowicz
9. Luty, 2023.
Przyjemne, ciche i kameralne miejsce - idealne dla programistów. Polecam! :)
Jacek Skrzypek
Jacek Skrzypek
1. Grudzień, 2022.
Świetna lokalizacja, przyjemna atmosfera, czysto, ładnie - polecam!
Antek Tujek
Antek Tujek
10. Wrzesień, 2022.
Plus za obsługę
Ivan Ch
Ivan Ch
14. Lipiec, 2022.
Great place to work, always quiet, greatly located. Coworking with an amazing team and everything you need for productive work. The best coworking experience I've ever had. Highly recommend it.
Alexander S
Alexander S
22. Czerwiec, 2022.
Fantastic Studio is a great place. Nice and quiet location, good public transport connection, affordable price, great owners - what else do you need? :) Highly recommend it.
Ernest Krzemieniewski
Ernest Krzemieniewski
30. Maj, 2022.
Ciche i elastyczne miejsce. Internet na dobrym poziomie.
Kasia Badurek
Kasia Badurek
20. Maj, 2022.
Bardzo dobra lokalizacja gabinetu. Współpraca z recepcją bez problemu. Samaczna kawa🙂

Pl. Hallera 5, lok. 14a, 03-464 Warszawa Praga-Północ
(Entrence from Hallera Squere, Ground Floor)

695 767 595

Reception:  Mon. - Fri. 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM | 24/7 Access


Office for rent in Fantastic Studio

Sometimes Open Space is just not good enough. Are you running your company and having 2/3 people working for you? If that’s the case you’ll love our micro-offices.

Equipped with basic equipment (desks and chairs), they provide optimal conditions for work. On the one hand, you still work in a coworking space, which is more than renting an office in an office building in the center, after adding all fees. On the other hand, you get a space to work in your private team.

In our coworking space, we have six micro-offices of various sizes – from 7 m2 to 30 m2. Mostly, it is a place to work freely for 2-7 people. You can arrange the rented micro-office in any way you like. If you have your favorite posters, flowers, desks or armchairs then go ahead, feel free and bring them in!

Of course, in the case of renting a micro-office, you will receive a key to the front door and to your office (access to the office 24/7). Additionally, you can fully use our common space – ChillOut / Kitchen (approx. 23 m2), along with unlimited access to coffee and tea. In addition, depending on your preferences, when renting a microbiome in our coworking space, you can use the Wi-Fi Internet, as well as the Ethernet Internet Connection Cable

An additional advantage is the possibility of booking our Conference Room (approx. 35 m2) for meetings up to 6h / month (in the price of Your Micro-Office). If you need you can also register your Company under our Address using the Virtual Office service. The mentioned service is available at a promotional price. As if that was not enough, the price includes all additional fees, including the so-called utilities (water, electricity, heating).

To sum up, when renting an office with us, you pay once (less than for the corresponding space in the office building after adding fees) and you can fully focus on your business and your affairs. Sounds tempting right?

Contact us and ask for free micro-offices!


Team Fantastic Studio