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Perfect for smaller and bigger groups wanting to meet and work peacefully.

Package includes

Reception, Coffee Break, WiFi, Dry erase board / flipchart, Beamer

Prices and access

We offer flexible options to choose from. Details below. Scroll down and see which options are best for your meeting.

Call us or mail us and get more information.

695 767 595

Mon.- Fri. 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Our Conference room (ca. 35 sqm) is a great place for group up to 16 people (one conference table setting) and up to 25 people (theatre setting)

1-5 people.

  • rent (1h) – 50,- zł
  • whole day rent (8h) –350,- zł  instead of 400,- zł  –  save 50,- zł.

6-11 people.

  • rent (1h) – 80,- zł
  • whole day rent (8h) – 560,- zł instead of 640,- zł  –  save 80,- zł.

12-16 people.

  • rent (1h) – 100,- zł
  • whole day rent (8h) – 700,- zł instead of 800,- zł  –  save 100,- zł.

17-25 people. (in theatre setting)

  • Prices are agreed individually


  • whole day rent (8h) 90,- zł

Coffee Break

  • from 15,00 zł/person, Details are agreed in every inquiry 


As for lunch we highly recommend a restaurant called “Plac Hallera” situated 100 m. from our Coworking Space. More information can be found on their Facebook Profile.

The Price Includes

  • Dry erase board / flipchart
  • WiFi Access
  • Co-using of Photocopier/printer/scanner
  • Separate entrance to the Conference Room

Terms of Conference Room rental.

  • Prices above are for rentals during office business hours (Mon. – Fri. 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM)
  • The Conference Room can be rented out whenever you please, including non standard office hours and weekends
    – Ask us for an offer.
  • prices above are all net prices
  • For hourly billing we count each started hour
  • Payment can be made by cash or by bank transfer in the form of prepayment, which is the final confirmation of your reservation.
  • Reservations can be canceled up to 2 days before the event. If not you’ll be charged 50% of the costs. 
  • Changes in the reservations (number of attendees, catering etc.) can be made up to 2 days before the event

Pl. Hallera 5, lok. 14a, 03-464 Warszawa Praga-Północ
(Entrence from Hallera Squere, Ground Floor)

695 767 595

Reception:  Mon. - Fri. 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM | 24/7 Access

A little bit more about our Conference Room.

We offer a one of a kind Conference Room (approx. 35 sqm). It’s designer feel combined with our great customer service ensure a unique atmosphere for Your event.

Our conference room is the perfect place for any kind of meeting. We especially recommend it for workshops (including creative workshops), training courses or product presentations. I am also perfect for negotiation meetings with clients or recruitment meetings.

Conference Room Arrangement

Fantastic Studio Conference Room has two setting options.

First, you can sit down with other meeting participants at one large conference table. In this arrangement we can host groups of up to 16 people.

In the case of larger groups, we offer our guests a theatrical arrangement.

Both the one conference table and theatrical arrangement give the guest equal access to the speaker and to the presentation showed in the Conference Room.


One thing that distinguishes our conference room from other places of this type is the designer nature of this place we mentioned earlier. It is mainly influenced by the well-known designers’ chairs used by us in the first variant of setting, which you will no longer find in the offer of furniture stores and wholesalers. They have been selected by us so that our guests can participate in the meetings in comfortable conditions.

Coffee break

The conference room in Fantastic Studio also gives the opportunity to display a coffee break directly within it, but in a way that does not impose on our guests. They can use the website without disturbing the other participants of the meeting in their further work. The same is the case with the handling. Thanks to the second door leading to the conference room, we can check whether you are missing anything and complete the service without disturbing the reception of the content provided by the speaker.

Separate entrance to the Conference Room

Our conference room also has a door facing the street from the side of pl. Haller. This brings with it two positive points. First of all, you can receive your client directly in the conference room – the client enters your event directly without going through Open Space – which we admit is also an advantage for us and our coworkers. On the other hand, this solution works well if you need to quickly unload, for example, products that you want to present. In this case, you can drive the car to the entrance to our room, unload the car and then park it for free within Haller Square.

Both the entrance from the Open Space side and from the street can be locked. We store the key at your request at the coworking reception desk.

All this, combined with a very good transport connection (a bus terminus and a taxi rank right next to our coworking space and a tram stop on the other side of Jagiellońska Street) make our room a place where you should organize your meetings, trainings or workshops.

Contact us and submit inquiries. It’ll be worth it.

Team Fantastic Studio