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“We guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our services and invite you to contact us.”
Dawid Polsakiewicz

Founder of Fantastic Studio, one of the first Coworking Spaces in Poland.

BASIC Package

75 zł /month

  • Registration Adress
  • Correspondence Service
    normal letters, registered letters, parcels
  • Correspondence Email notifications

12-month billing period

900,- zł net (75,- zł/month.)

6-month billing period

540,- zł net (90,- zł/month)

PRO Package

105 zł /month

  • Registration Address
  • Correspondence Service
    normal letters, registered letters and parcels
  • Correspondence Email Notifications
  • Scanning – up to 100 pages / month included in price
  • Resending Your Correspondence via Post (sending cost not included)
  • Conference Room – 3 h / month included in price

12-month billing period
1260,- zł net (105,- zł/month)

6-month billing period

720,- zł net (120,- zł/month)

Additional Services

/billed separately

  • Accountant
  • Legal Advice
  • Graphic Design, Creating the companies logo, namecards, etc.
  • Webdesign and programming / creation of Websites, and mobile apps, dedicated CMS and CRM systems…
  • Internet Marketing – Marketing campaigns for Facebook, Google, Youtube, TikTok…

I have been using Fantastic Studio’s services for some time and I sincerely recommend it. It is a great place for any entrepreneur.

At the beginning, I was focused on only one service, but quickly expanded my cooperation to include more. Convenient location, very good service, extremely affordable prices for Warsaw. Everything quickly and efficiently, and work in peace and quiet.

I recommend it to everyone
Adrian Gajzler

Call us or mail us and get more information.

695 767 595

Mon.- Fri. 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

biuro na wynajem
biuro na wynajem
biuro na wynajem
sala konferencyjna warszawa praga
biuro na wynajem
biuro na wynajem
biuro na wynajem
biuro na wynajem
biuro na wynajem

Virtual Office

Your New Comany Address

Pl. Hallera 5, lok. 14A
03-464 Warszawa


– Address for registration
– Postbox
– Scanning
– Conference Room
– and more…


“I have been using Fantastic Studio’s services for some time and I sincerely recommend it. It is a great place for any entrepreneur.” Adrian G.

More recomendations below…

National Offices connected to our Address:

Tax Office:
US Warszawa-Praga ul. Jagiellońska 15, 03-719 Warszawa (Rainbow Center)
Social Security Office:
ZUS Inspektorat Warszawa Praga-Północ ul. 11-go Listopada 15a , 03-446 Warszawa
Company Registration Office :
XIII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego ul. Czerniakowska 100, 00 – 454 Warszawa

Read our Customers Reviews.

45 opinii na
Paweł Kapral
Paweł Kapral
21. Grudzień, 2023.
Sympatyczna obsługa, dużo miejsca, wygodny aneks kuchenny z ekspresem do kawy i całą paletą herbat smakowych ? Naprawdę przyjemnie spedzony czas przy pracy ?
Maryna Kalenska
Maryna Kalenska
10. Grudzień, 2023.
Great coworking place! It’s quite and spacious. It also has a few meeting rooms and a kitchen. The price is very affordable too
Artur Aksamit
Artur Aksamit
16. Listopad, 2023.
Bardzo pozytywne miejsce, super atmosfera. Najlepsza kawa w mieście!
Alessia Raponi
Alessia Raponi
30. Wrzesień, 2023.
Super :)
Michał Dobrzański
Michał Dobrzański
26. Wrzesień, 2023.
Z coworku korzystam już od około roku. Zostaję na pewno na dłużej :) Bardzo przyjemna atmosfera. Kawa zawsze jest. W kuchni się przyjemnie spędza czas i przygotowuje posiłki. Dla mnie jako osoby pracującej w pełni zdalnie jest to idealna odskocznia od ciągłej pracy z domu
Kapitan Ryks
Kapitan Ryks
26. Wrzesień, 2023.
Super miejsce do wynajęcia biura. Niewątpliwą zaletą jest świetna obsługa tego miejsca przez Pana Łukasza.
Taku Mazunga
Taku Mazunga
22. Kwiecień, 2023.
Fantastic place and great environment for work. i highly recommend for long stay!
Nemezis Nemezis
Nemezis Nemezis
4. Kwiecień, 2023.
Świetny kontakt. Sala konferencyjna w pełni przygotowana. Z pewnością skorzystamy nie jeden raz.

Our goal is to provide business support to both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs. We enable you to set up a virtual address in Warsaw – use our virtual office services. Both of these solutions allow investors to significantly reduce monthly expenses and costs related to the use of a stationary company office.

What is a Virtual Office in Warsaw?

Virtual Office or Virtual Address is a service in which we take care of Your Correspondence. We Provide an Address for You to register your company at, print on your business card etc. We Provide an Individual Postbox- collecting your regular Correspondence and advice notices for the registered one.
Setting up a virtual address for a company in Warsaw will guarantee you privacy, data protection and anonymity, lost along with reporting your home address to CEIDG as the one under which you operate. Due to the fact that it appears in national registers, it can disturb many matters in personal life. We lend the virtual address for company registration in Warsaw to both entrepreneurs from all over Poland and investors from outside the capital, based on excellent correspondence, e-mail and telephone contact.

Discover the benefits of a virtual office in Warsaw

When the Correspondence is delivered we send You the notifications. At your request we open and scan the letters all to the email address agreed in the contract. You’ll be always in touch with correspondence sent to your Company and will be able to pick it up for example on your way home. If you’ll give us the postal proxy we’ll be able to collect your entire mail – including the registered correspondence.

The Service is available in two packages. What’s important is that The price for our service is not connected to the amount of received letters. You choose if you want to pay once a year or every 6 months, and if you want to extend the contract (we usually inform you one month earlier that the contract ends). If you need anything extra let us know – we’ll make you an offer.

Virtual headquarters in Warsaw for online business

As a virtual office in Warsaw, we provide accounting, office and legal services especially for entrepreneurs – using them saves time and nerves. This solution works great when running an online business, because it creates the opportunity to save and increase your budget. A virtual office in Warsaw reduces the monthly costs of paying for the company’s premises, which the entrepreneur can use to promote his business. What about business meetings with clients? In addition to the virtual office in Warsaw, we also offer stationary access to conference rooms and offices, rented by the hour – feel free to contact us!

Come and register Your Business at Fantastic Studio.

Team Fantastic Studio

Pl. Hallera 5, lok. 14a, 03-464 Warszawa Praga-Północ
(Entrence from Hallera Squere, Ground Floor)

695 767 595

Reception:  Mon. - Fri. 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM | 24/7 Access